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Join StepFWD, the Diversity & Equity-Free #preaccelerator for #Startups

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Early-stage startups, it’s #TimeToBuild!

Do you need clear and focused steps forward in the execution of your startup?

Join the StepFWD pre-accelerator to get advice on what to do next, what to do differently, and how to do it better, from people that build startups or are helping startups grow for a living. 

Through tailored mentorship, you’ll learn the best steps in launching your business, how to scale (inter)nationally and get guidance throughout the funding process.

This program is for you if are looking to get:

☑️  Startup guidance

☑️  Honest feedback 

☑️  Tailored mentoring 

☑️  Investment readiness 

☑️  Resources & perks 

What you don’t get? ❌ Irrelevant theory; ❌ decisions made for you; ❌ work done for you;  ❌ burnout.

StepFWD’s mission is to grow the number of diverse startup teams by teaching them “how to” startup properly, facilitating the connection with experienced mentors, and making them investible. Their bold statement is: “We want to make diversity ‘a real thing’ for the ecosystem”.

StepFWD Pre-accelerator is organized in partnership with Google for Startups, Orange Romania and Algolia. 

All important information & key dates are available on

Applications for the 2022 Cohort are open on until Sunday, October 2, 2022.