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EE Manifesto

The world is going digital but there is  no certitude this will not create new divide, a digital divide between genders. We have a moral obligation to include women in the careers of the future.

Our vision has an ethical foundation but it is industry and innovation-oriented. We promote inclusive design based on the proof that a diverse team can better design products and service for a diverse audience.  ‘Highly gender diverse’[1] tech firms average 5.4% higher return than those with less gender diversity;

SEE’s mission is to support innovation but we can’t fully fulfill it if we don’t commit to support women in the innovation ecosystem. Romania has the best representation of women  in the IT sector in the EU (27.3%), and is in the top 10 Global Women Entrepreneurs Index; we believe that it is time to focus on our key strengths while also working on improving our weaknesses.

We can boost our economy and contribute to the IT workforce by growing women’s participation in the digital sector. Our aim is to raise up to 35% the representation of women in digital  by 2020.

We can inspire more girls to choose a STEM career  by tackling stereotypes and building on concrete actions that need to be taken involving  our entire society, from CEOs to policy makers, and NGOs,  from teachers to parents and workers, women and men alike.

We are not the best in Europe when measuring digital skills but we have a fantastic potential to build a Romanian story of  women entrepreneurs, tech girls and digital divas that can place Romania in the spotlight, growing its role in the European and global digital future.