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Smart Everything Everywhere works for a swift and lean integration into the European Digital Single Market, building on Romania’s competitive strengths.

SEE provides a framework for accelerating Romania’s transition into the digital age, leveraging the country’s untapped digital potential – enabling it to grow, scale and become a global innovation hub. SEE focuses on three pillars of the digital future:

industry 4.0 +
smart cities and citizens +
the digital state

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A digital future means:

Center of Innovation

to become a global center of innovation and research, a major player in the global hi-tech field & a global provider of solutions for information technology, cyber-security, internet-of-things, technology for smart cities and artificial intelligence.

Regional leader

to surpass the technological level of the European Union and, in time, to become a regional leader and a relevant actor in the digital future of the Union.

Popular participation

that Romanian citizens from all over the world can participate directly in the country’s decision-making process and that education, health, infrastructure and public administration reach the highest global standards through technology.

Check also our Manifesto for Digital Romania that we launched while in Government

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