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Andrus Ansip, European Commission Vice President, meets with Romanian startups in industry 4.0


A conversation with European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip and Romanian start-ups in industry 4.0

Bucharest, April 28 2017

Smart Everything Everywhere (SEE), in partnership with the European Commission Representation in Romania and Europuls organized Friday, April 28 the event “A conversation with Vice President Andrus Ansip and Romanian startups in 4.0 industries” at the Ghica-Victoria Palace in Bucharest.

Dan Nechita, Co-founder and President of Smart Everything Everywhere, opened the event, which was keynoted by European Commission Vice President and Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Andrus Ansip.

“SEE continues the work we began last year with the [former] Prime Minister to digitize the Romanian industry and administration, developing, this time from the non-governmental sector, projects that bring to the same table major industry players and the administration with innovative startups from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Romania has a huge opportunity to be an active contributor to the consolidation of our Union by supporting innovation in key industries such as automotive, agriculture, health, energy, and smart cities,” stated Dan Nechita in the opening session of the event.

European Commission Vicepresident Andrus Ansip underlined that startups play a key role in the transition to industry 4.0 and encouraged political leaders to be open to adopting digital solutios. The Digital Single Market will allow entrepreneurs to scale up their innovative products and services in Europe and will help consolidate the European IT&C market.

The six startups that held pitch presentations at the event are: Box2M, offering IoT solutions for several industries; Coinflux, the largest Romanian cryptocurrency service; Silometer, with silo technology for agriculture; Profluo, offering innovative digital services for business processes; TypingDNA, using bio-metric features for securing authentication; and DeviceHub, with IoT solutions in manufacturing.

Paticipants included top-level leaders in the IT industry; foreign embassies and chambers of commerce; and leaders of programming, startups, and entrepreneurship communities.

Meet the six startups that presented their innovative products during the event

Event snapshots

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