Smart Everything Everywhere



We act as a liaison between key international actors, industry, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, organizations and institutions — bringing to the forefront of the public agenda developments in the digital realm vital for society’s long-term development. We envision and build a future where Romanian businesses and citizens fully benefit from the digital age, and we believe that digital communities can shape Romania into a country where next generations will choose to stay.

Through everything we do, we inject innovation into organizations’ initiatives, changing organizational culture and catalyzing advances in cyber-physical systems while upholding humans’ role at the center of the new digital society. We value innovation and creativity; we bolster efficiency; we develop knowledge and expertise; we spur growth, capability, inclusivity, possibility.

We’re into smart factories, cloud/analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence; 5G; the internet of things; robotics; and cyber security. We prioritize fields where Romania has a competitive advantage, and we work to consolidate excellence poles that can position Romania as a European leader in the Digital Single Market, maintaining a strategic dialogue with key decision-makers in Romania, Europe and the U.S.