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Smart Everything Everywhere (SEE) is a catalyst for Romania’s digital transformation

             SEE provides a framework for accelerating Romania’s transition into the digital age, leveraging the country’s untapped digital potential – enabling it to grow, scale and become a global innovation hub.

 SEE focuses on three pillars of the digital future: industry 4.0, smart cities and citizens, and the digital state.

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A digital future means for Romania to become a global center of innovation and research, a major player in the global hi-tech field.

A digital future means for Romania to become a global provider of solutions for information technology, cyber-security, internet-of-things, technology for smart cities and artificial intelligence.

A digital future means for Romania to surpass the technological level of the European Union and, in time, to become a regional leader and a relevant actor in the digital future of the Union.

A digital future means that Romanian citizens from all over the world can participate directly in the country’s decision-making process and that education, health, infrastructure and public administration reach the highest global standards through technology.

What we're all about

SEE works for a swift and lean integration into the European Digital Single Market, building on Romania’s competitive strengths. We act as a liaison between key international actors, industry, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, organizations and institutions — bringing to the forefront of the public agenda developments in the digital realm vital for society’s long-term development. We envision and build a future where Romanian businesses and citizens fully benefit from the digital age, and we believe that digital communities can shape Romania into a country where next generations will choose to stay.

Through everything we do, we inject innovation into organizations’ initiatives, changing organizational culture and catalyzing advances in cyber-physical systems while upholding humans’ role at the center of the new digital society. We value innovation and creativity; we bolster efficiency; we develop knowledge and expertise; we spur growth, capability, inclusivity, possibility.

We’re into smart factories; cloud/analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence; 5G; the internet of things; robotics; and cyber security. We prioritize fields where Romania has a competitive advantage, and we work to consolidate excellence poles that can position Romania as a European leader in the Digital Single Market, maintaining a strategic dialogue with key decision-makers in Romania, Europe and the U.S.

What's next

Digital Romania International Forum II -- Startups in 4.0 Industries

Digital Romania -- Industry 4.0 Forum

The first edition of the Digital Romania International Forum was keynoted by President Klaus Iohannis, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos, and European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Gunther Oettinger. Over 300 industry leaders discussed the future of smart cars, smart cities and agritech.

The second edition will take place in early November 2017 and will host high-level conversations on e-health, fintech, smart energy, and smart cites.

Find out more about the Forum

The Crew

Dan Nechita

Dan Nechita


Dan is a former State Counselor in Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos's team, responsible with IT, innovation, and cybersecurity. He is a graduate of Columbia University and George Washington University.

Diana Popp

Diana Popp


Diana is a former Counselor in the Prime-minister's Chancellery and part of the GovITHub and Industry 4.0 Forum teams. She graduated Université Catholique de Louvain and the Bucharest University of Architecture.

Tudor Oprea

Tudor Oprea


Tudor is a former Counselor in the Prime-minister's Chancellery and part of the GovITHub and Industry 4.0 Forum teams. He graduated York University (Canada) and Umea University (Sweden).

Diana Arhir

Diana Arhir

Director of International Relations

Diana used to work as a Project Manager at UNESCO Romania and to develop various projects on Hi-Tech and Cybersecurity for different organizations, now being located in Frankfurt, Germany working as trade fairs and congresses organizer on topics such as smart mobility, smart cities, digitalization and robotics. Her main focus markets are Europe and UAE.

Raluca Petrescu

Raluca Petrescu

Communications Director

Raluca is a Social Media and Communications Specialist working in the past ten years for press institutions, companies and NGOs. She graduated Journalism and Communication Sciences from the Bucharest University.

Eric Bartha

Eric Bartha

Youth Director

Eric, the founder of the Danube Youth Alliance, is currently studying Business Law at the University of Economics in Vienna. He is also developing a start-up that focuses on creating a social media for restaurants and on digitizing reservations.

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